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Create a podcast you can be proud of

Have you been recording your podcast from home? You might work from home, but your home is not always open for business. Don’t Skip’s Podcast & Audio studio in London is always open for the business of podcasts.

Is this for me?

Would you like to make a podcast but need a tranquil place to record your interviews?

Thousands of self employed and small business owners work from home but it’s not always conducive to recording a podcast. Perhaps you want to retain some degree of privacy. Or maybe your home environment is too noisy.

Our north London based Podcast & Audio studio is available for hire. It’s perfect for conversational and interviews shows. If you have a personal brand, as an expert, specialist or creative, we can provide  a relaxed yet professional environment. You won’t need any technical skills, you’ll effortlessly be able to produce clean and clear audio quality.

We use an isolation booth, giving you privacy for those intimate conversations. Our booth is acoustically treated, has comfortable seating, comes equipped with professional microphones and a digital recorder – built to ensure your podcast has professional audio quality. Listen to the quality of our audio recordings on our show, The Making Of Me.

We have more for you! We also provide online training on marketing your podcast, increasing listeners and monetisation. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook  for upcoming free webinars.

What else can the Podcast & Audio studio be used for?
  • Trailer recordings
  • Episode links (signposts of what you have coming up)
  • Tape syncs
  • Voiceover announcements (intro and outro segments, call to actions, promos and sponsorship read-throughs)
  • Voiceover narration (audiobooks, documentaries, explainer videos, educational videos, business videos, and audio tour guides)
  • Pre-recorded radio packages

Acoustically Treated

Quality Recording

Maximum of 2 people

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COVID-19 Update

We’re accepting bookings. In order to observe social distancing measures the following precautions will be put in place:

  • Self service only
  • Only two attendees (no publicists, PAs, friends or partners)
  • Wash your hands in the washrooms before entering the recording space (there will be signs on the door)
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning agents will be used between each session
  • The recording booth will be ventilated between each session