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At Don’t Skip Media we believe  the secret to profitability is in service to the audience. Don’t Skip Media was established in 2019 to bridge the gap between content platforms and creators. Over the years we’ve learnt that content must possess certain characteristics to resonate with the audience. That’s why at Don’t Skip Media it’s our mission to put trust and inclusion at the heart of our content. 
A fulfilled audience in an engaged audience, an engaged audience is a loyal audience, a loyal audience can be monetised.

Christina Moore, Founder

Christina Moore, founder and Managing Director of Don’t Skip Media. It’s been a pleasure to work during a transformative period at the intersection between media and tech. I’ve had the unique experience of disrupting linear means of consuming content. I’ve worked in leadership roles for both the BBC and Apple placing me in the notable position of understanding the commercial needs of multi-national content platforms.

Some of my production credentials include being the Lovie Award Winning Executive Producer for Retold, producer of podcast British Villains and Small Axe. Creator of Talent Take Practice with Robbie Savage and Matthew Syed and Constantly Evolving with Eve.  I’m also a founding member of the Equality in Audio Pact, The Podcast Academy and a regular contributor to Spotify Sound Up to support development and share knowledge in the industry.

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