Principles of working at Don’t Skip

  1. Serving the public – we are here to provide services to the public. You are expected to offer the highest standards of work for the public at all times
  2. Honesty and integrity – never place yourself in a position where your honesty and integrity may be questioned and avoid conflicts of interest between your private interests and your public duties. Make all decisions fairly, consistently and on merit, including when making appointments, awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards, benefits or opportunities and ensure that they are recorded appropriately.
  3. Respect for others – promote equality by never discriminating against any person and by treating members of the public, colleagues and elected Members with respect regardless of their race, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability or political affiliation. While you may have personal views that are not those of the company, you must ensure that these are not expressed in a way that brings the company into disrepute or adversely impacts on your ability to do your job.
  4. Accountability – you are accountable to the company to the governing bodies of the sector for your actions. You must use any funds entrusted to you in a responsible and lawful way, and always act in accordance with financial and procurement rules. You should always follow any reasonable instruction issued by your manager.
  5. Representing Don’t Skip – present yourself at all times in a way that brings credit to the company. Never speak to the press or publish articles about company business or its clients without express permission.
  6. Management and leadership – set a good example for employees through your promotion of these principles, make sure employees know what is expected of them and fairly assess their performance, and provide employees with learning and development opportunities.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

Any breach of the Code of Conduct will normally result in disciplinary action.
Some breaches (known as gross misconduct) can be serious enough to justify dismissal for a first offence, and without notice.

Reporting breaches of the Code and whistle-blowing

We are committed the highest standards of audio content, and to prevent misinformation, defamation or any misleading content. If you are concerned about any practice that you think conflicts with this Code, you should report these to your manager.

If you have concerns you can report these to