The list of H&S legislation applies to all Don’t Skip activities. This may not be comprehensive, but is offered for guidance to production staff who are expected to comply with this and other current relevant legislation.

Risk Assessments

A member of the production team has a responsibility to ensure work undertaken by them has been assessed for hazards.

The employee, freelancer or contractor must provide a detailed written risk assessment of work PRIOR to the commencement of work in remote locations outside of their home.


A Hot Work Permit to work is required prior to any work producing sparks or flame is commenced.

Smoking is not allowed on Don’t Skip Ltd premises.

Upon hearing the fire alarm sound you must evacuate the building via the nearest fire exit and assemble at the specified site assembly point.

First Aid

A suitable First Aid kit must be provided on Don’t Skip premises or on remote locations outside the home. 

People employed by Don’t Skip Ltd know the procedures for contacting the appointed First Aiders and ambulance service.

Safety Signage

All suitable signage must be on display while work is in process.

Fire Exits

Designated Fire Exits must be kept free of obstructions at all times.

Person in Charge

The named producer will remain on site to supervise the production for the duration of the recording.

The named proudcer must be have a mobile ‘phone or other acceptable method of direct communication with employed staff at Don’t Skip Ltd.

Protection of the Works

The freelancer or contractor shall provide adequate protection to property belonging to or loaned by Don’t Skip Ltd.

This will include protection to all finishes in the vicinity of the work and on the routes to and from the work site.

Protection must be maintained in a suitable and safe condition at all times during the course of the works.

The freelancer or contractor will ensure the works are kept in a clean condition at all times and rubbish removed daily via the agreed routes and within the agreed timescales.


Regular checks must be made to ensure the use, safety and stability of the recording equipment when in use.

Personal Safety

COVID-19 precautions apply- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be used when in personal proximity to the production team, presenter or contributor.

The equipment must be suitable for its purpose compatible with any other PPE in use and maintained in good order.    


Don’t Skip will ensure that they (and any freelancers, contractors or employees), comply with the requirements of the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 and any Statutory Orders made thereunder, or any amendment or re-enactment thereof.

Terms and value of Insurance: as specified in agreements with clients.

Forbidden on Don’t Skip Premises






Nudity (the upper body as well as the lower must be clothed).


Freelancers and contractors are expected to minimize noise nuisance to Don’t Skip’s or any other hired premises and neighboring residents at all times and especially when:

  • entering or leaving the site.
  • loading or unloading goods or materials.

Vehicles must not be allowed to obstruct access routes or mount the pavements.